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The calling of the Methodist Church worldwide is to respond to the gospel of God's love, shown to the world in Jesus Christ, by living discipleship.  Methodism offers a thoughtful and lively way of faith, rooted in a particular tradition but flowering in all kinds of different ways to enable people to encounter and live out the good news of Jesus. 


The Methodist tradition in Britain has a quarter of a million followers and is part of a world-wide family of seventy million. From its origins in the eighteenth century as an evangelical movement led by John and Charles Wesley (both Anglican priests) it has promoted a disciplined way of following Jesus, an emphasis on community and a concern for the wider world.


The Methodist Church in Tower Hamlets has an important part to play as a mediator between rich and poor, and as a bridge between the various faiths.


While the worship life of our congregations is important as the foundation of all that we do, we are not afraid of looking for new ways of being church in the inner city.
See Social Ministries for details of local Methodist initiatives, organisations and projects.



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24th June 2016.  The President and Vice-President of the Methodist Conference released a statement following the result of the referendum:

...We recognise that the result will cause pain to some people who voted with passion and integrity and that now is the time to move forward together with goodwill. The structures have changed, but our hopes for a fair, just and equal society continue. We must now gather the political will to tackle poverty, climate change and the refugee crisis. ... We are saddened that the referendum debate has at times promoted a feeling of fear and even hatred and racism. We do not believe that most people, however they voted in the referendum, wanted this. ...
As the future of our role in the EU is negotiated, we cannot cut ourselves off from Europe. We pray for our brothers and sisters in Europe, and particular in our sister Churches, and assure them that our love and commitment towards them is undiminished.


Rev Cameron Kirkwood - Superintendent Minister (currently on sabbatical leave)

Rev Andrew Pantland - Minister


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