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The Whitechapel Mission has its own excellent website maintained by the Director, Tony Miller 

Rev John Hayes is the Circuit Minister with responsibility for the Mission

Supporting the Whitechapel Mission - Take one Tin at a Time (Autumn 2017)

At this time of year the cupboards are looking empty, and we have to resort to buying ingredients for our breakfasts with our dwindling cash reserves.

One way to help out Whitechapel Mission is to bring just one tin of baked beans or plum tomatoes to church every week. Add the extra tin to your weekly shopping list. Set a repeating reminder in your phone. Just bring a tin and pop it in a box.

 You can also bring other items from our desperate list : sugar, coffee, honey, biscuits, instant hot chocolate, toothbrushes, razors, carrier bags, rucksacks. Also men’s: underwear, socks, jeans 28”-36”, trainers, shoes and trousers 28-34".

Let John Hayes (07531 243327)  know when you have something to collect, and we will take it down to the Mission. Every little helps.


Champion the cause – Whitechapel Mission Champions

We are looking for a Whitechapel Mission Champion in every congregation in our circuit.  Are you passionate about the work of Whitechapel Mission supporting the vulnerable, homeless and rough sleepers? Would you act as an advocate for their work, and champion the cause in your own congregation? Could you encourage people to develop their involvement with this life-changing mission that is part of our Circuit serving local people? Please pray about this, and if you think that this is something that God is speaking to you about, then please speak to me! Revd John Hayes (07531 243327) 

Vice-President of the Methodist Conference 2016-17, Rachel Lampard, reflects on her visit to Whitechapel:

The Mission is an impressive feat of organisation - feeding huge numbers of vulnerable people, co-ordinating thousands of volunteers, receiving (and sorting) donations of food and clothing from churches all over the country; but it is so much more than that. It is the Church in action; it is an outworking of God’s love. People in terrible situations are welcomed, known by name, helped to cope and to overcome huge obstacles, to see that things can be different. Tony Miller, director of the Mission, said to me that it is vital that the two elements of the Mission - the worship and the charity - are not seen separately. Both are church.

Rough sleeping is rising across the country, as are the numbers of homeless people in temporary accommodation. Over the last year, the centre has seen a third more people than it did the previous year, all at a time when prices are going up and budgets are shrinking. Donations to the mission from harvest festivals have been coming in, but we were told that the tins of baked beans, which in previous years had seen them through the year, were already running low, and there was also a desperate need for razors. The Mission depends entirely on voluntary donations. So how about donating the cost of a couple of catering tins of baked beans and a packet of razors? And in rain and cold temperatures pray for those who cannot escape them.

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