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Covid 19

All public services in Tower Hamlets circuit are currently suspended
  See Worship at Home and Prayer & Meditation for alternative resources

Message  from Mayor Biggs & Tower Hamlets Council:

On Monday 12th October, the government announced a new three tier level of alert: Alert level 1: medium risk, Alert level 2: high risk, Alert level 3: very high risk. Each of these alert levels have a set of minimum social distancing guidance for different settings. 

All of London is  High Risk (Alert Level 2) from midnight on Friday 16 October. In addition to current measures you are also now asked to follow the additional guidance as a minimum:

  • You must not socialise with anybody outside of your household or support bubble in any indoor setting, whether at home or in a public place
  • You must not socialise in a group of more than 6 outside, including in a garden or other spaces like beaches or parks (other than where specific exemptions apply in law)
  • Businesses and venues can continue to operate, in a COVID-secure manner, other than those that remain closed in law
  • Certain businesses are required to ensure customers only consume food and drink while seated, and must close between 10pm and 5am
  • Businesses and venues selling food for consumption off the premises can continue to do so after 10pm as long as this is through delivery service, click-and-collect or drive-through
  • Schools, universities and places of worship remain open
  • Weddings and funerals can go ahead with restrictions on the number of attendees
  • Exercise classes and organised sport can continue to take place outdoors. These will only be permitted indoors if it is possible for people to avoid mixing with people they do not live with or share a support bubble with, or for youth or disability sport
  • You can continue to travel to venues or amenities that are open, for work or to access education, but should look to reduce the number of journeys you make where possible. Further detail is available on the government website. 

Mayor Biggs (in consultation with the local Inter-Faith Forum) acknowledges the desire and need for communal worship and fellowship.  Large gatherings or any disorganised, un-spaced meeting must be avoided.  Above all, remember we are all still one Church, one Body, even if you are joining in prayer from home.   

1st October - Update 

Having thought that there might be light on the horizon, and having begun to plan and execute a slow and safe increase in "things we used to do", we are now met with a substantial rise in the local risk factor. 

This message is from Mayor Biggs & Tower Hamlets Council: "I am clear that the current national rules are a minimum and my advice to you all is to do everything in your power to protect each other. Our individual actions have consequences for us all."

1st Sept - Update 

While preparations are being made for a return to the church buildings, services and meetings continue on-line.

25th July - Update

The Circuit Meeting confirmed the decision not to open the churches for worship before September. Complying with all the necessary regulations - not merely for their own sake, but in the interest of protecting everyone - makes the task of opening safely a very difficult one. Your opinions and comments on this are most welcome.  Speak to the Circuit Stewards and Worship Leaders. Start a conversation on the Facebook page; email John for the Newsletter, or contact the Webmaster.  Contacts

11th July - from Circuit Administration

Church buildings across the London Methodist District are unlikely to open for worship before September. Guidance from the Methodist Church following the relaxation of lockdown restrictions on places of worship by the Government is that the decision to re-open a church needs “serious consideration and a thorough understanding of what is required in terms of planning and health and safety requirements”. The Church says there is no compulsion to re-open if managing trustees do not feel it can be done safely, or it is too soon. “It needs to be well planned, both before the opening and kept under review once the building is in use,” says the guidance. “Do not assume that you can immediately do things ‘as you used to do’ … and accept that saying ‘no’, ‘not yet’ or ‘not like this’ can be positive decisions.” 

The Tower Hamlets circuit is discussing the issues with the Circuit Leadership Team and also at the next Circuit Meeting on 23rd July (held by Zoom).

Stitches in Time

Stitches in Time are making and selling face coverings of which any profits  go directly to their FabricWorks makers, who have now lost their income.  "The BAME community in Tower Hamlets was already facing multiple disadvantages before Covid-19, and the virus has had a hugely disproportionate effect. Money raised is also going towards the emergency remote work we are doing to support some of the most vulnerable and isolated in this time of crisis" - read more here 
Prices start from £6.

12 June 2020  The Spirit might be asking us to be brave, to not cling to the old but to be the pilgrim people of the moment

new perspective

Jude Levermore, Head of Mission for the Methodist Church in Britain, writes of her hopes for how the Church will move forward, by being 'the pilgrim people of the moment.'

When Methodism changed from a connexion of societies to become a denomination or church we began to erect and use separate Methodist buildings which became our churches. Methodism came first, our buildings came second.
  As we begin to think about ‘going back into our buildings’ I am hopeful that we will take time to consider what we have learned from being out of them. I am hopeful that we will have solidified our understanding that church is not a building- we teach that to our children, but do we hold that in our hearts? We, the people are the church, the body of Christ meeting together in community, acting together in mission, longing together for the transformation of our world, responding together to our calling.
  As our managing trustees consider carefully their next steps my hope is that they carve out time not only to navigate a way through the 29 pages of the risk assessment, but to first undertake a spiritual assessment; to what is God calling this church, this chapel? I believe the Spirit might be asking us to be brave, to not cling to the old but to be the pilgrim people of the moment. Let’s be a people of vision, let’s not long to get back to normal, let’s see what God might do if we allow ourselves to be led somewhere new. 
   Let us be generous and gracious to one another, allow different churches and chapels to make the decisions they need to without pressure to get on with the usual, allowing instead time to consider the Spirit.  Let us guard the holy fire, and guard our buildings only as a means of that; let us keep walking the way together, bearing the burden of grief for all that and those which and who have been lost, in love for one another and in service to our world.

I can change

12th June

Coffee Mornings, Bible Study and Prayer Meetings are all continuing in the Circuit.
People get-together to chat, discuss and to pray, without leaving home.  

There's small talk; there's genuine interest in how everyone is getting along;  someone might have a little rant about something that's bothering them; we might think things through or share ideas.  In the study group, there is more serious discussion; in a prayer meeting, there is also prayer!  You can sit and listen; no-one will be made to speak who doesn't want to. You can be a bit fed up or you can bring some small pleasure to share.  You don't have to stay the whole time.  Come and go as you please!

If you don't know how to set up a Zoom call, ask Andrew and he'll explain.  It really is EASY.

Everyone attending the various groups seems to find they feel better for meeting and seeing others.  

This is the social interaction the Church tends to call Fellowship. If you are missing Human Contact - don't.

Here it is!

Tuesday: Morning Prayer, 08.00

Wednesday: Circuit Bible Study, 6.15pm (Final meeting of series this week)
Thursday: Circuit coffee morning, all welcome from 11.00
Saturday: Morning Prayer, 8pm

These will continue while we remain unable to meet in person is a network of over 1000 churches from over 40 denominations  (including the Methodist Church).  They coordinate a UK church response to the Covid-19 crisis working with churches, the Government and the NHS. 

Together Apart - a new free resource from is a short series of curriculum resources enabling you to explore life and faith with young people, and is designed specifically for use in the context of an online youth work session. 

There are live events  which then become videos and can be watched anytime.
These are well presented and informative.  Have a look?

18th – 24th May – Mental Health Awareness Week

The special week may have ended, but the ideas behind it remain true.
Perhaps we can begin to look forward to some normality in the coming weeks. 
We are creeping in the right direction, one small step at a time.

The theme this year is kindness.  Never has there seemed a more appropriate theme.  We’ve all seen such amazing acts of kindness during this very difficult and challenging time:- NHS and social care frontline workers, council workers and local people going above and beyond to show kindness, compassion and support.  The value of kindness is unquantifiable; it can feel really rewarding to put ourselves out a little to help someone else, and receiving kindness from others is special.  In the current circumstances particularly, we should also make sure we are being kind to ourselves. 

There is much to challenge and test us at the moment, so it’s vital we look after our mental as well as our physical health.  This can be anything from having a nice relaxing bath, listening to favourite music for half an hour, going for a walk and being in nature, writing in a journal, reading, cooking a nice meal.   
Another challenge alongside the theme of kindness is to do 30 minutes of movement each day – this could be tidying up your flat or joining the Zacchaeus Pilates zoom session!  Or, if you are able to go out, taking a safe walk and enjoying the sun. 

The most important thing is to look after ourselves, body and mind, so we can help others too as best we can. I hope you get to give and receive kindness this week. 

Band for Life project leader

14th May News From The Zacchaeus Project

The small steps towards easing the lockdown that the government announced earlier this week will have come as welcome news to people.  It’s encouraging that the protective measures being taken  to keep ourselves and others safe have meant that these first steps can now be taken.  Here at The Zacchaeus Project the centre remains closed in line with the government guidelines, but we are continuing to support our members remotely and are still available for advice and guidance, or for a chat.

Several members have been enjoying Adina’s online Pilates class on Wednesdays at 11am via Zoom, and if anyone else would like to give this a go then please let us know.  This class is free of charge and is open to any member, including people who don’t usually attend the class at The Zacchaeus Project.

For those of you who are looking for other practical ways to stay busy, the government is now suggesting that people wear face coverings in enclosed spaces where social distancing may not be possible, e.g. public transport and shops (though this is not currently mandatory).  There are plenty of tips available online for making one’s own face covering, including some without any need for sewing.  BBC hints

12th May The end of the beginning, though not yet the beginning of the end

The freedom to go for a longer walk, outside your own gates, is a welcome start.  On Monday, the queue for the Post Office (which has been empty most of the time for the last weeks) stretched right across Chrisp Street Market Place.  There were no stalls there, to be in the way! Every shop that remains open had a well-spaced queue snaking around outside.  So many who have been unable to go out are emerging into the daylight.  Maybe this limited release will be enough to help us carry on a bit longer.

Bow Food Bank (update 9th May)

The foodbank is working from Bromley-By-Bow Community Centre, St Leonard’s Street, E3 3BT
The local food band is now distributing approximately three times the amount of food and toiletries compared with before the crisis began. This has been possible thanks to the logistical support given by the council, the collaboration with other partners, the generosity of donors, and the ingenuity of different members of the management team in finding sources of bulk supplies. Read more

Six weeks in, it's not easy at all, is it?

 It's really starting to bite. This is what living with long term mental illness can be like; anxious about staying in; anxious about going out; paranoid about people in the street or shops; terrified of illness or death - it's all there, very sobering.  Sarah (Band for Life) recommends less constant exposure to News and worrying discussion, replaced by therapy of doing one nice thing for yourself each day.  Add an extra phone call, email or prayer for someone else's well-being, too?

25th April   

As we enter another week on lockdown, Band for Life members are coping as best they can, but it’s a challenge for everyone to cope with forced isolation.  People are really valuing the support calls Sarah is making, keeping everyone in the loop about each other and making sure people know there is help available.  With people spending a lot of time alone, it can be difficult not to watch the news too much or get drawn into the various theories and debates about how this situation has arisen; so one thing we are trying to do is to encourage people to limit the amount of news we watch and to do one nice thing for ourselves each day, as a way of trying to look after our mental health too, whilst we wash our hands and do all the things we need to protect our physical  health.  One question constantly asked is “when we will be able to do music again”, and the answer is we really don’t know, but we hope that this difficult time will pass soon.

16th April

TSM2The Whitechapel mission is continuing to serve a cooked breakfast to the homeless and hungry every single day. We are seeing many new faces from different parts of London as most other places are now closed. Please will you will hold the staff in your prayers as they are working very hard to meet the needs of our guests. And for the guests themselves, as they cope with the fallout from corona virus lock-down 


14th April

From the Zacchaeus team:
Our members are taking the government guidelines on board; feedback we’ve had is that although lock down can be frustrating, people appreciate the need to take preventative measures to keep themselves and others safe. Where possible, members are going out for exercise and occasional shopping trips, and we’ve spoken to people unable to leave their homes who are being supported by friends, family and neighbours. Our staff (including volunteers) are keen to help as much as possible, and we encourage people to contact us if they need any help, or just for a chat. We are still supporting people with general advice queries, though at the moment this is via phone or email.

Debbie and Louise are working remotely and can be contacted by email, by the usual phone number, 0208 983 1568, and by text or Whatsapp on 07712 32324.  See Zacchaeus website .

Help when someone dies

When someone you love dies, saying goodbye in some formal way is important.  With the current restrictions on movement in place, it may not be possible to attend a funeral. To help you say your formal goodbyes whilst in your home, see here

26th March 

Contact with the circuit office is now on this number:   07545 445217

25th March 

The Whitechapel Mission has now suspended all volunteering and outside service provision. The current evaluation of risk is that people should not be travelling to the Mission unless absolutely essential.  Food is the highest priority for those sleeping on our streets. Warm clothing, medical attention and support must be sustained as long as possible.

We recognise that we offer services through our projects to some of the most vulnerable people in our community. This means that we will continue to offer reassurance and support through providing our daily breakfast at Whitechapel Mission. Whitechapel Mission is managing to maintain its breakfast service and material support through the commitment and determination of our staff team, for which we continue to give thanks.

The Mission remains Open and Serving

From the Superintendent  (March 25th)

Hello everyone,

Our wonderful Circuit staff team have spent the past 10 days trying to respond and react to a very different pattern of life; one where most of the usual ways of doing things has to be different. One of the hardest challenges is to be separated from people – from those we want to celebrate the joys of life with – from those we want to hug and console at life’s challenges and disappointments. Although the physical separation is very real, it does not mean we have to accept all the limitations. Please use whatever means you can to stay in touch – with our church, with each other and with God. 

You know that, as Paul writes, “ For I am convinced that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor rulers, nor things present, nor things to come, nor powers, nor height, nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord.” Romans 8:38-9.
Nothing can separate us from the love of God in Christ.

Whatever you do, may your time be blessed with the knowledge that God is with you in Christ Jesus – now and always.

Rev'd John

24th March 

Lucia Banks, our new Lay Pastoral Worker, has started Luciawork with us

Lucia is getting in touch with members and friends in the Circuit, focusing her efforts on getting to know the congregations and staff - by phone and video call.  I am you sure you will join me in giving Lucia a really warm welcome.

Grace and Peace  John

  springA reflection from the superintendent minister  (22nd March)

ONE thing we can all do is to continue to pray - pray for our churches, our churches’ work, our families and friends, our neighbours and those who persecute us.  Please take care of yourselves, follow good advice (medical and spiritual!) and let us know if you need help. One thing that almost all of us have, and will have, is access to a phone. At the beginning of Philippians, Paul speaks of being ‘imprisoned for Christ’. Although we are not actually imprisoned,  I am acutely aware of how important physical connection is to us all. It seems as if we will have to live our lives with restrictions and challenges, some of which are like being under house arrest. Perhaps as Christians we will all need to take a lead from Paul’s perseverance and faith and, as we adapt to these new circumstances, my prayer is that we will continue to rejoice, speak with boldness and proclaim Christ with love. – with grace and peace to you all, the Rev'd John Hayes

Announcement from Circuit (17th March)

 (See Methodist website) We are suspending all worship services, groups, meetings and activities where people gather together in our churches.  We shall support people through phone calls and help whilst the suspension remains in place.  Pastoral care will be offered by phone, email and appropriate social media. We encourage everyone to advise us of anyone who needs help, especially the vulnerable or self-isolating. 

Andrew Brown, Circuit Executive Officer.   John Hayes, Superintendent Minister  



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