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Poplar Methodist Church meets in The Emery Hall, Annabel Close,
London E14 6DP

The entrance is to the side of the Queen Victoria Seamen’s Rest – The Methodist Church’s Mission to Seafarers, celebrating 175 years of service


The circuit is supporting the Queen Victoria Seamen’s Rest in the cost of providing new doors into the Emery Hall where the Poplar congregation hold their services.  (July 2019)

Senior Steward: Mr John Singleton  Office Tel. 020 8980 3745 e-mail.

Superintendent Minister: Rev'd John Hayes 

The congregation meets for Sunday worship  at 11.00
All most welcome

THE QVSR has reserved the chapel for the fortnightly Poplar Prayer Group
 - to which anyone from around the circuit is invited.
Friday evenings 7 pm  
Further dates,  through until December, will be given later.

An afternoon Coffee Club is being held by the church in the QVSR cafeteria on the first Monday of each month from 2.30.  All welcome.

Healthy Church

The congregation at Poplar have committed themselves to finding ways in which we can grow in our faith and find ways to serve the wider community in response to God’s love for us.  At the heart of that renewed commitment is a desire to be energised by faith.

The Healthy Church Review (2017) encouraged us to seek to find out what God wants.  The review helped us to resist trying to decide what we want or think is important, but rather what is God calling us to be in the coming years. To achieve this, we committed ourselves to:

Providing every member of the congregation with devotional material so that no matter where we are on each day, we will be joined together in study, reflection and prayer. 

To use Sunday differently, making use of a more interactive style of worship that will encourage a greater sense of commitment and sense of belonging.

Encouraging members to share in worship something of the way God is at work in their lives through either testimony or interview.

By ensuring that there is always time in worship for the sharing of news, the joining together in celebration and the focusing on issues of concern whether they be, personal, local, national or international

Work amongst children and young people

Poplar Methodist Church is greatly blessed in having a strong and committed group of children and young people who attend on Sunday.  These young people have a strong sense of commitment to each other and their Sunday group activities are an important part of their commitment to Jesus and supporting their growing faith. 


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