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The Whitechapel Mission has its own excellent website maintained by the Director, Tony Miller 

The Mission day care centre is open 365 days a year and would expect to see between 150 and 200 people on a normal weekday. Of those, 49% are from the UK, but predominately from Scotland and Ireland.  19% are Eastern European. 20% are Afro/Caribbean, mainly from North African states. 5% British born Asians and the final 7% are a mixture from around the world. Night shelter is not the norm but is offered when the temperature drops around freezing

Running costs per day are about £2,000.  The Mission receives no state aid

Deacon Terry Street has Pastoral Care of the Mission for the Methodist Church (Tower Hamlets)
See  Newsletter for the Mission   

The Circuit's Harvest Festival gifts will be for the benefit of the Mission.

One Tin at a Time (August 2019) 
Please see the update list of Things we Need.  It has changed a bit, as we have enough of some things and are short of others at this time.  There are boxes in each church where you can leave your gifts or let Rev'd John Hayes (07531 243327)  know when you have something to collect, and he will take it down to the Mission. Every little helps.

Rev’d Cameron Kirkwood at Whitechapel Mission June 2019
Cameron chaired his last Whitechapel Mission trustees meeting recently.  He was warmly thanked for his service.  The transformation of the group during his tenure over the last couple of years has been significant.  Five new Trustees have been recruited while Cameron has been Chair of Trustees and he expressed his gratitude for all the support he had received.  Cameron was able to pass on the Chair of Trustee role to Michael Spurr, and was delighted to leave the Mission in such competent hands. 


It was also the last meeting for long-standing trustee Terry Simco.  Terry is well known across the Circuit, especially in his involvement with QVSR.  The trustees offered their thanks for all of Terry’s work and support.

According to Tony and Sue Miller of the Whitechapel Mission, the church store there is full (and the storeroom in the cellar is pretty full as well). Despite it being full to bursting, I don't want to discourage regular contributions now that we have a steady stream of gifts, so please keep the donations (especially food) coming regularly.  (May 19)

Whitechapel Mission in rail initiative to tackle begging. Spring 2019

The Mission is working with the London Overground rail network to discourage passengers from giving to people begging on the network’s walk-through trains, but instead to make a donation to the work of the mission. Posters on the stations and notices in the carriages say: “To help someone you see begging on London Overground, donate to the Whitechapel Mission. Any donations will be used carefully and your generosity will be welcomed”. The Whitechapel Mission - part of the Tower Hamlets circuit - is just minutes from Whitechapel station which serves the Overground, District and Metropolitan tube lines (and Crossrail at a future date). The mission currently provides breakfast for around 250 homeless men and women a day, together with essential advice services. Mission director Tony Miller said they had entered into discussions with London Overground because of the amount of complaints the train network had received about the high level of begging. So far, donations to the Mission have raised up to £17,000.

AGM held Sunday 7th April 2019 

In November 2018, we gave thanks for 142 years of service of the Mission.

Supporting the Whitechapel Mission - Take one Tin at a Time 

Over 2018, Rev'd John has emptied all the collection boxes and taken Church donations to the Mission a dozen times.  More is needed, all the time, so let's keep refilling the boxes held in each church!



Whitechapel Mission Champions -
Champion the cause 
Each of our churches now has a ‘Whitechapel champion’ who will act as advocate for the Whitechapel Mission in their congregations. Dedicated during the Circuit Service, they are: Sheila deWinter (Bethnal Green), Sarah Wilson (Bow Road) John Singleton (Poplar) and Jeanette Martin (Old Ford). 
This is an essential task for publicising the work of the Mission

Vice-President of the Methodist Conference 2016-17, Rachel Lampard, reflects on her visit to Whitechapel:

The Mission is an impressive feat of organisation - feeding huge numbers of vulnerable people, co-Rachel Missionordinating thousands of volunteers, receiving (and sorting) donations of food and clothing from churches all over the country; but it is so much more than that. It is the Church in action; it is an outworking of God’s love. People in terrible situations are welcomed, known by name, helped to cope and to overcome huge obstacles, to see that things can be different. Tony Miller, director of the Mission, said to me that it is vital that the two elements of the Mission - the worship and the charity - are not seen separately. Both are church.

Rough sleeping is rising across the country, as are the numbers of homeless people in temporary accommodation. Over the last year, the centre has seen a third more people than it did the previous year, all at a time when prices are going up and budgets are shrinking. Donations to the mission from harvest festivals have been coming in, but we were told that the tins of baked beans, which in previous years had seen them through the year, were already running low, and there was also a desperate need for razors. The Mission depends entirely on voluntary donations. So how about donating the cost of a couple of catering tins of baked beans and a packet of razors? And in rain and cold temperatures pray for those who cannot escape them.

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