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The Circuit young people's meeting is held at 18.00 on Sunday - on Zoom. 
We have another session from 10.00 - 10.45.   (also online - Zoom)

Recently the children took part in a crossword competition, unscrambling words (two pictures = one word) and then watched the Easter Story. They were sent 8 plastic eggs each with different challenges on for each day to do with the family. The children were able to talk about the fun they experienced whilst doing some of these challenges. 

Holy Week colouring sheet

Mothering Sunday 14th March
Preparing for Easter, traditionally we come back to the Mother Church and spend time with the family.  Nowadays we particularly remember the women in our lives - Mums, Grandmas and Nans, Godmothers and all the mother-figures who have loved and nurtured us.  At our Zoom session we thought about them a lot and thanked God especially for these things:

My Mum is kind, and helpful. Even when she’s upset, she’s still there for me

Mum helped me with my online work whilst we were in lockdown and she’s great at proof reading my work 

For the food & shelter my mum provides

My Mum is good at cooking and helping with homework

Mum’s cooking, as it’s the best - especially her cakes & biscuits. 
She also grew me up really well as a baby

For bringing me into this Earth and providing me with nice things

For just about everything that My Mum does and is


The older children made this prayer:

Loving God, we know your love because we have mothers. We thank you for the mothers who carried us in their wombs, nourishing, protecting and bringing us into the world. We thank you for the mothers who did not give birth to us, yet loved us just the same. With gratitude we remember their words of encouragement when we have felt unsure or afraid; we thank you for their kindness when the world has treated us unkindly; we thank you for their soft, comforting arms and the gentle way they kissed away our tears; we thank you that they protected us with the fierceness of a lioness protecting her cubs; we thank you for the times when they corrected us rather than letting us continue down wrong paths. Help us to live so that their investment in us might not be in vain. We honour our mothers with lives of service to you in the name of the Risen Christ, for it is in his Name we pray.

How are you ?  May we ask you a few questions?

Things are not normal, are they?  Life's been a bit strange for all of us.
Can you spend a few minutes telling us how you are feeling and what support you have around you?  

 This is the parent/families questionnaire   
 This is the young people’s own questionnaire       Thank you!



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