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The Circuit young people's meeting runs on-line on Sunday from 5-6pm. 
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Our Young People have been busy making video clips for an on-line Nativity - with favourite Carols and a Christmas Message.

Here is his own introduction to Daud Irfan, the Youth President for this year.
He is living near us, in the flats at Wesley's Chapel,  City Rd 
Daud is like a version of the name David - to help you remember it!

Pray with us

God, we pray for the life blood of our churches that is the children and young people, that they may know you more deeply, and experience your love for them through your church and its people.

Jesus, we pray for those who find themselves in the privileged position of working with the children and young people in London. Bless them Lord; bless their ministry and bless their passion.

Lord we pray for the various activities, events, clubs and groups that happen all over London aiming to reach children and young people in your name. We ask for your spirit to go ahead of us into their young hearts and minds.

Holy Spirit we ask you to move in the life of the Methodist church, that we will seek to reach the younger generations, be innovative in approach - seeking new ways of preaching the gospel.


Family Fun day in Victoria Park summer '21

The weather was awesome and we enjoyed our family fun day very much. Sister Joanne made some savoury green bean soup which was absolutely lovely.  The children competed in various races and we played the five second rule, separation anxiety and stack ‘em up. We cooled ourselves down throughout the day with ice poles and some great water balloons which both the adults and the children had great fun with. The naughtiest child got very wet - ha-ha. We thank God for a wonderful day to be able to gather together again and see the children enjoying themselves out in the fresh air.

fun2       fun1


Wesley's Chapel, House and Museum  
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Here's a 50piece jigsaw of plants in the Chapel's physic garden!
(HINTS:  Click on bar,  bottom left of screen,  to see the complete image before you start! YOU CAN CHANGE THE NUMBER OF PIECES TO SUIT YOU, top of screen under  "Play as")

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