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Laverne John - Circuit Families and Young People’s worker.Laverne
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The Circuit young people's meeting is currently held at 18.00 on Sunday - on Zoom. 
We now have another online Zoom session from 10.00 - 10.45.  

How are you ?  May we ask you a few questions?

Things are not normal, are they?  Life's been a bit strange for all of us.
Can you spend a few minutes telling us how you are feeling and what support you have around you?  

 This is the parent/families questionnaire   
 This is the young people’s own questionnaire       Thank you!



I hope that you are thoroughly enjoying our well-being half term packs and don’t forget to record some of your fun. There are lots of activities in the pack, including a 7-day challenge, word-search, and some colouring.

Sunday 21st, we will be doing a bible quiz based upon what we’ve learnt over the last few weeks.
See you there, and don’t forget that Jesus Loves you Unconditionally!!


WEBINAR: Caring for Young People's Mental Health 

On Thursday 18 February 11am
We'll be exploring how churches can support the mental health of their young people.
Book your place now.



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If you missed a meeting, here is what was discussed:

Meetings held 7th February

From the Acts of the Apostles chapter 12

God was at work and the Good news was being spread into many different places.

More and more people were being saved because now even the Gentiles were believing in Jesus and receiving the Holy Spirit.

The Pharisees and Sadducees (Jewish religious leaders)  didn’t like this news at all.  It broke the ancient Jewish laws.  These leaders had not put their faith in God’s promised Saviour and were being used by Satan to make life difficult for followers of Jesus.

King Herod was a Jew who didn’t believe Jesus was the Promised One..  He decided to make trouble for the apostles in Jerusalem.  He arrested James the brother of John and had him killed with a sword.  This made the unbelieving Jews very happy, so Herod went after Peter next and imprisoned him.


At the time of Peter’s arrest, the Jews were celebrating the Feast of Unleavened Bread - the seven-day feast that prepares for Passover.  For the followers of Jesus it meant that the time of celebrating Jesus’ resurrection was near.

Herod was doing everything in his power to make sure Peter didn’t get out by having him heavily guarded with four squads of four soldiers each.  Each squad guarded Peter for 3 hours and then another squad would take their place. 

The believers did the only thing they knew would help their difficult situation.  They prayed.


As Peter is resting peacefully, chained to two soldiers, a visitor shows up in his cell. The chains that once kept Peter securely bound to the soldiers fall off his wrists.  The visiting angel tells Peter to get dressed and put on his sandals.  Peter follows the angel, but has no idea what is really happening.  He thinks he is seeing a vision. The angel leads Peter and they walk by two more guards. They come to the iron gate that is closed so no one can enter and no one can leave. The gate opens to them all by itself.  As they start to walk free down the street, the angel leaves Peter.   "It's really true!" he said to himself.  "The Lord has sent his angel and saved me from Herod and from what the Jews were hoping to do to me."(Acts 12:10,11)


He makes his way to where the disciples meet, in the home of a certain Mary.  This Mary is the Aunt of Barnabas and the mother of Mark (the Gospel writer.) A servant girl comes to the entrance, and as soon as she hears Peter’s voice she is so excited she runs back inside to tell everyone. “Peter is at the door!”  As the believers continue to think Rhoda is crazy, someone must have heard the knocking.  They go to the door and open it and Peter stands before them.  They are astonished! Peter explains to them exactly what has happened and how the Lord has rescued him out of prison.  He tells them to share this miracle with the other leaders in the church.

We listen and talk when we have a conversation with people, Taking time to both listen to God and talk to God is important too.  Talking to God reminds us that He is in control, He loves us, and He wants to be close to us. It’s all part of us having a relationship with Him.  

Each time you pray, use these four elements to support your C.H.A.T  With God:

Confess to God all the things you have done that may not have been right, For example being rude or getting angry at someone.  

Honour God with prayer.  Honour statements generally start with “God, you are ______.” We declare them and remind ourselves of truths we know about Him from the Bible.

Asking God. Jesus said we can ask for anything in His name — and asking is usually the first thing we think of when it comes to prayer.  The Bible says that we should make our requests known to God. After we have confessed our sins and shown him honour, we can make our requests of God.

Thanks to God should come naturally to us as his children!  Think of things you can be thankful for. 

You can see other lessons in the archive

Wesley's Chapel, House and Museum  - "at home"
February Half-term  free activities for children:  
Wednesday 17th Feb - Open House
Thursday 18th, 15.00 - tour of Wesley's House.  
Book  (no charge) 

With the Jewish Museum, St Paul’s Cathedral, Westminster Abbey, Museum of the Order of St John and Southwark Cathedral we'll be delivering a suite of activities inspired by objects and people with a link to health and wellbeing in our collections. Each day, starting on the 15th February, each site will release a video with an activity to complete at home. Check out our social media channels daily to take part!
Facebook & Twitter: @museummethodism  Instagram @john_wesleys_house

You might also enjoy the challenge on Health (posted as part of ongoing Wednesday Challenge events)

Here's a 50piece jigsaw of plants in the Chapel's physic garden!
(HINTS:  Click on bar,  bottom left of screen,  to see the complete image before you start! YOU CAN CHANGE THE NUMBER OF PIECES TO SUIT YOU, top of screen under  "Play as")

3Generate 365 Tune-In Event   Sunday 28th February:  Tune into God with your senses

We are hosting two workshops for children and young people:
Sessions are accessible to all abilities. Parents, carers and leaders are encouraged to watch and learn.

2pm–2.45pm for 8-11s (primary age)  Click here to book 

3.30pm–4.15pm for 11+ (secondary age) Click here to book 

This interactive workshop will look at how we listen to God using all of our senses – the way we hear, see, smell, taste, touch, move and feel our bodies. Come and hear different ways that God speaks to people in the Bible and have a go at listening to God with your body in different ways.

What you’ll need: You will need some very basic equipment for the session. 

Your favourite piece of music
A sweet/biscuit or something that you enjoy eating
A rock or some grass from outside
A cushion or comfy blanket
A space you can move around in

You will also be encouraged to use a worksheet to note down your thoughts during the session:
This version  lets you type in your thoughts
This version  needs printing, for you to write on 

How the workshop will take place:
This interactive workshop will be held in Zoom Webinar. This means that participants will not be able to see each other.  They will only be able to see the presenter,  Dr Naomi Graham, who is the Founder and CEO of Growing Hope.
If you have any questions please contact:

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