Past Groups run in the Circuit

Discipleship – the Methodist Way of Life 
We all need help on our shared journey of discipleship from the newest to the most experienced Christian. We explore together the Methodist Way of Life that encourages us to share in our journey of worship, learning and caring, service and evangelism.  

From September - November 2020  (On Zoom)   from January 2021 (still on Zoom!)    temp suspended during Lent.  Still running in July '21and through until summer break

Methodist Way of Life Handbook 
(Download 2meg)

Lectio Divina

Thursdays at 10.15 (on Zoom) with Lucia Banks 

Compass Group Mondays  12.30-13.30

 The Compass course helps you explore and understand what it means to be a Christian within the Methodist Church.  Whether you are a member already, new to the Methodist Church, or simply wanting to understand more about being a Methodist disciple, then these sessions will be really helpful.  We provide a book to help you follow the sessions.
Please contact Revd John Hayes 07531243327 for more details and for the Zoom link to the course.  May - July '21

cf notes from an earlier course

Learning How to See  Discussion group 4.30pm on Wednesdays  (on Zoom).  (Ran Feb-May 2021)
Formulated by the US Center for Action and Contemplation which states:
"Instead of accusing others on the left or the right, Jesus stood in radical solidarity with the problem itself, hardly ever offering specific answers to the problem. Instead, his solidarity and compassion brought healing"   This course looks at the natural biases we all have which block our understanding of other opinions and points of view.  Knowing ourselves and where we are coming from can help us in being open to other stand-points, and be a great aid to real communication. 


Lent 2021  
The circuit ran a series of Zoom Bible study sessions during Lent using the District "Woven" resource.

Four-week circuit Advent Course, Watching and Waiting"  December 2020

The season of Advent represents a period of watching and waiting in anticipation of the arrival of Christ. During Advent we look back and celebrate the incarnation of the Son of God in the world; whilst also looking forward to his return at the end of time. The course encourages us to walk through the season of Advent to enable us to engage in mission and discipleship as a way of life.  

The meetings have been well-attended.  It's not so hard to attend on a cold evening when you don't have to wait for a bus, or scurry home in the dreary dark afterwards. A warm and friendly gathering - where you can speak or just listen; where you are accepted and valued.  Enjoy the company; maybe think a bit!

Bible study – Reflecting on Revelation with Andrew Brown (on Zoom)

Ran from Sept - November 2020

A study in Matthew – Jesus a Life   
Ran from May-July 2020 on Zoom


Exploring Church Membership - Compass  
Ran from Jan-March 2020

 Deacon Terry and Rev'd John Hayes led these sessions, along with invited guest leaders from our Circuit. These sessions help you to explore and understand what it means to be a Christian within the Methodist Church.  Whether you are a member already, new to the Methodist Church, or simply wanting to understand more about being a Methodist disciple, these sessions are really helpful. 
cf notes from an earlier course

Advent Reflections December 2019
Held around the Circuit.

Material for all the Reflections are in a booklet  (pdf file)
Some alternative versions of the Isaiah passages

Journey in June 2019

We looked at how the Bible and Methodism can help us understand each other, and what it means to have good relationshipsThere were bible studies and reflections in each of our churches at different times during June.

Encounter Course at Bethnal Green Church from June 2019

  Ever wondered what God is calling you to?
  Would you like to have a greater impact as a Christian disciple?
  Unsure of the next steps in your Christian journey?
  Interested in engaging in theological reflection with a group of like-minded individuals?

Lent Course 2019

Lent reflections focus on Challenging Conversations. We used the Bible to help us explore how to live together well as communities of Christians - even though we might not all agree on something.  Study sessions in each church focus on key Bible passages. We reflect on and practise skills to help us have good conversations. We have the opportunity to hear themed preaching in every church in the circuit. 

Advent Groups 2018

We enjoyed the opportunity to read, listen and understand the Bible on Advent themes

Compass – Exploring Faith Together Autumn 2018

Compass ran in 2017 at Old Ford and Bethnal Green. The response was so positive that we wanted more people to have the opportunity to share this excellent course designed by the Methodist Church. Together we  explore what we think about God and what “being a Methodist” means. 
cf notes from an earlier course


The summer study course 2018
 following Broken was thought-provoking and moving


We look forward to meeting you

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