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Worship at Home

Public services in Tower Hamlets circuit are currently suspended

The Circuit Leadership Team have agreed that we should not meet in church for worship at the current time. The advice is that we only start to resume services in church when the situation improves and in line with government guidance.

Rev'd John Hayes

Sunday worship on-line in Tower Hamlets Circuit:

Join from 10.45 on Sunday to worship with the Tower Hamlets Circuit, or at any time afterwards, all week.  The link will not work before the service time

Join us on Zoom immediately after the service on Sunday, 12.00-12.30, to greet others who have been worshipping (or not). Meet up with friends old and new and spend some time together. 

Click the link to join.

Youth Zoom Club (age 10+)  every Sunday at 6.00pm;  Now also 10.00-10.45
Join Laverne on-line.  Speak to her about contributing to your own web-page on this platform

Tower Hamlets Methodist Circuit:  All the following are available via Zoom: 

Sunday                          Meet after worship on zoom for coffee and chat 12:00

Sunday                          Youth zoom – a gathering for young people 10.45 and 6.00pm  

Monday                         Bow Road prayer meeting with Lucia Banks at 7:00pm
Tuesday                        Circuit Prayer with Lucia Banks at 08:00
                                      Discipleship – Methodist Way of Life with Rev'd John at 7pm
Wednesday                   Learning to See - discussion group with Irene  4.30-5.30 (not 24/02)
Thursday                       Lectio Divina; Reflecting on the Psalms with Lucia Banks at 10.15

                                       Coffee morning. Everyone welcome to pop in for a chat.  Runs from 11.30
Saturday                        Circuit Prayer with Lucia Banks at 08:00

Join us for prayer

Monday evening prayer is a Zoom prayer room. It has been well-attended.  We continue to invite the Bow Road congregation to our Prayer room with fellowship and sharing every Monday at 7pm.  (except Bank holidays and school-term breaks)

The Circuit runs 1:1 phone-call-based Sunday worship every Sunday

 led by Connection Leaders. We are currently calling about 20 members of our congregations, who have no Wi-Fi access or who are in any special circumstances or need. If you know of anyone who would like to join, contact Lucia.

Lent 2021

During Lent this year there will be a chance for all of us to spend time and reflect. Sometimes people do this through fasting – something we are called to do. Fasting is not just about food – it can be a fast of anything. I wonder if God is calling you to fast this Lent?

You may be looking for God to change you this Lent. Perhaps you will read a book – or join in a campaign – or learn something new. Maybe you will join in with our Lent Woven reflections. 

This year I ask you to join me in praying that we will all be open to the leading of the Holy Spirit as we seek to know God's will. Perhaps you can use the daily prayer bookmark to pray your way through Lent.
But I will say this. Fasting and Prayer is serious business, and has consequences. If we pray to God for something to happen, when it does, we need to be open to it. We need to recognise that we are called upon to offer our all. Maybe the breeze, gust or storm of God will be your experience this Lent. Please remember that God's wind blows - it is up to us to hitch our sails so that we can feel the breeze, the gust or the storm.

  • We are encouraging you to pray during Lent 2021. There are lots of opportunities to join in with people around our churches and circuit in prayer. See (above) the list of events you can join. 
  • Our young people are praying too - and Laverne John, our Families and Young People's Worker shared CHAT as an aid to prayer:

So why don't you CHAT more during Lent?
  Join in with our young people as they CHAT!

Confess to God the things you have done that you know were not right. When we can acknowledge and admit that we do get things wrong and share these with God, we show Him that we trust Him with everything, knowing that He will still love us no matter what we confess, and will bring us closer to Him.

Honour God with prayer.  Honour statements generally start with “God, you are ______.” We declare them and remind ourselves of truths we know about Him from the Bible.

Ask. Jesus said we can ask for anything in His name - and asking is usually the first thing we think of when it comes to prayer.  The Bible says that we should make our requests known to God. After we have confessed our sins and shown him honour, we can make our requests of God. 

Thanks to God should come naturally to us as his children!  Think of things you are thankful for. Many of them are everyday joys and pleasures.

As believers, the most powerful weapons we have are prayer and the Word of God.  As we grow in our understanding of God, we learn how we can better pray to Him.  We talk and listen when we have a conversation with people. Taking time to both talk and listen to God is important too.  Prayer reminds us that He loves us, and He wants to be close to us. It’s all part of our having a relationship with Him.

Here are some other services you can attend from home

Morning Prayer from Wesley's Chapel can be viewed live at 10.00 each morning. 
Use link for live service from Wesley's Chapel at 11.00 on Sunday and 12.45 on Thursday
For access to a variety of past services use link and then choose YouTube Channel. 

·       Methodist Central Hall Westminster.  Live-streamed Sunday worship, 11 am 
·       BBC1 TV: Sunday Worship and Songs of Praise

·       Radio 4: Sunday Worship 08.10 am

·       Premier Christian Radio (1332 AM) broadcasts 24 hours a day

The Methodist Church  website offers further ideas for resources and services

 You can see all the MCTH past services playing on YouTube here,   at any time.  To subscribe (free) on your first visit, search YouTube for Methodist Church in Tower Hamlets.    

Also available on our Facebook page

A time of reflection when you can’t attend a funeral

There are severe and very strict restrictions still in place on how many can attend a funeral.  Attendance has to be monitored, so please do not upset arrangements by turning up without a clear invitation. In our Circuit, we shall celebrate those who have died during the months of the pandemic (whatever the cause of death) as soon as we are able. 

When someone you love dies, saying goodbye in some formal way is important.  This is one of the reasons that throughout the generations we have gathered for funerals and memorial services.  With the current restrictions on movement in place it may not be possible for everyone to attend a funeral.
We offer this short act of worship to help you say your formal goodbyes whist in your home. 

See also Meditation for thoughts and prayers

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