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As members of the Methodist Church in Tower Hamlets we are on a journey of faith, offering a welcome to all as we serve our neighbours and the wider world in the name of Christ

Preaching Plan  Sept-Nov

Bethnal Green
Bethnal Green Church

All enquiries concerning bookings for a church or hall should be directed to the Circuit Office: 
020 8880 7301

For details of current events see Latest News

Three Churches (not Old Ford) hold a Sunday morning service at 11.00
Old Ford only - Sunday service at 6pm

Click on the individual churches for full address, directions and any additional information

Bethnal Green 


Old Ford

Sunday at Six at Old Ford Church –  6pm

A chance to sing, pray, reflect and listen for the prompting of God through the Holy Spirit. This will be an informal gathering where everyone will be welcome to join and share in the discovery. We will be reflecting on understanding Gods guidance for our lives together as a Circuit; praying for the community around Old Ford; listening to and resting in the Holy Spirit. Come and be! 

There will be no Sunday at Six at Old Ford on September 29th - back on the 6th October.


An afternoon Coffee Club is being held by the church in the QVSR cafeteria
 on the first Monday of each month, 2.30 pm. All welcome

 QVSR has reserved the chapel for the fortnightly Poplar Prayer Group
 - to which anyone from around the circuit is invited. 
Friday evenings 7 pm :   27th September
Further dates,  through until December, will be given later.

Tues 8th October 18.30: Poplar Methodist Church Council, QVSR chapel

Whitechapel Mission- services as announced 

Our Harvest Festival gifts are all dedicated to the Mission this year.

 Emmanuel Scott, our local circuit pastor, is not at work at the moment. so, the primary pastoral contacts     within our Circuit (with immediate effect, Sept 2019) are;

 Bethnal Green church / Zacchaeus Project,  Old Ford church,  Whitechapel Mission, Band for Life ;   Deacon Terry Street 

 Bow Road church and Poplar church; Rev'd John Hayes

Charity Number 1134888