Whitechapel Mission

The Whitechapel Mission has its own excellent website maintained by the Director, Tony Miller.

See the current work - video          See list of current needs - here 

There are boxes in each of our churches where gifts for the Mission can be left to be taken down there.
There are services at 15.00 Sunday, live at the Mission - not every month, so check their website.

General workload increased by 25% Advice and guidance up 30%
Jan 2024



102, 243 meals served 


Currently serving 350+ free breakfasts each day

 The Mission continues its work, with the generous support of the staff. 

The Mission is open for tea at 06.00, then breakfast is served from 8am each and every morning of the year and offers a large choice. A standard breakfast consists of 2 fried eggs, bacon, sausages, 2 hash browns, mushrooms, baked beans and tomatoes, served with a choice of bread or toast, and of course, tea or coffee. We also offer porridge and a choice of cereals, with other options available.

There is no charge for breakfast. In fact, there is no charge for any of our services.  We do not know how many people will arrive on any given day. It may be as few as 200, or reach 600, but we feel that if there is only one person knocking on our door then we should open that door and make them welcome.

Pre the pandemic we would normally expect to cook 200-250 breakfasts on a weekday and as many as 300 at weekends. 


Sonia is on the Team - offering Advice and Guidance

June 2023 - a volunteering session at the Whitechapel Mission

                            Terry with Sue and Jenny at the Session

 Whitechapel Mission in rail initiative to tackle begging

The Mission is working with the London Overground rail network to discourage passengers from giving to people begging on the network’s walk-through trains, but instead to make a donation to the work of the mission. Posters on the stations and notices in the carriages say: “To help someone you see begging on London Overground, donate to the Whitechapel Mission. Any donations will be used carefully and your generosity will be welcomed”. The Whitechapel Mission - part of the Tower Hamlets circuit - is just minutes from Whitechapel station which serves the Overground, District and Metropolitan tube lines (and Crossrail at a future date). The mission currently provides breakfast for around 250 homeless men and women a day, together with essential advice services. Mission director Tony Miller said they had entered into discussions with London Overground because of the amount of complaints the train network had received about the high level of begging.


Whitechapel Mission Champions -
Champion the cause 
Each of our churches now has a ‘Whitechapel champion’ who will act as advocate for the Whitechapel Mission in their congregations. 
This is an essential task for publicising the work of the Mission

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