Poplar Methodist Church meets in The Emery Hall, Annabel Close, London E14 6DP

The entrance is to the side of the Queen Victoria Seamen’s Rest – The Methodist Church’s Mission to Seafarers.     Map

Senior Steward: Mr John Singleton  Office Tel. 020 8980 3745 
Superintendent Minister: Rev'd John Hayes
The congregation meets for Sunday worship  at 11.00 (currently on-line)

There was a communion service held in the Emery Hall in September 2020, with numbers limited for safe distancing; there was no music or singing and the eucharist was distributed from a tray - 'help-yourself' style!


The meeting was successfully achieved with the help of staff and stewards and the co-operation of the congregation, who had to resist shaking hands, or hugging!  



Currently all activities suspended 


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