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 The calling of the Methodist Church worldwide is to respond to the gospel of God's love, shown to the world in Jesus Christ, by living discipleship.  Methodism offers a thoughtful and lively way of faith, rooted in a particular tradition but flowering in all kinds of different ways to enable people to encounter and live out the good news of Jesus.  The Methodist tradition in Britain has a quarter of a million followers and is part of a world-wide family of seventy million. From its origins in the eighteenth century as an evangelical movement led by John and Charles Wesley (priests of the Anglican Church), it has promoted a disciplined way of following Jesus, an emphasis on community and a concern for the wider world.

 Here in the Tower Hamlets Methodist Circuit, we are people who are looking for a way to express their discipleship in the Methodist tradition, often through living out our faith by helping people. We have regular services for worship and opportunities for bible study, prayer and meeting together.

Our work as a Circuit includes helping the homeless and rootless at Whitechapel Mission; providing a supportive environment for older carers to enjoy a more fulfilled life at Zacchaeus; Band for Life gives opportunities for people to express themselves in music and song.

See Social Ministries for details of local Methodist initiatives, organisations and projects.  

You would be very welcome to join us at any of our events or activities, and there are plenty of opportunities for you to express your own discipleship through our project activities.

Please get in touch with us if you would like to find out more, or to get involved in any way.

 As members of the Methodist Church in Tower Hamlets we are on a journey of faith; offering a welcome to all as we serve our neighbours and the wider world in the name of Jesus

 Rev'd John Hayes
Superintendent Minister



       Deacon Terry Street


   Emmanuel Scott - Local Pastor 

  Emmanuel Scott, our local circuit pastor, is not at work at the moment. so, the primary pastoral contacts     within our Circuit (with immediate effect) are;

 Bethnal Green church / Zacchaeus Project,  Old Ford church,  Whitechapel Mission, Band for Life ;   Deacon Terry Street 

 Bow Road church and Poplar church; Rev'd John Hayes

Inspired by Jesus, offering hope, building communities of love:

We look forward to meeting you

Methodist Org UK

 Charity Number 1134888

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