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John Wesley was a great advocate of small group study meetings, where Methodists were encouraged to help and support each other

 New Encounter Course at Bethnal Green Church from 29th May 2019

  Ever wondered what God is calling you to?
  Would you like to have a greater impact as a Christian disciple?
  Unsure of the next steps in your Christian journey?
  Interested in engaging in theological reflection with a group of like-minded individuals?

  If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to any of the above, the Encounter course is for you!

     See attached flyers for ENCOUNTER and for ENCOUNTER Accompanists

  Rev'd John Hayes is a leader on the course.  Please contact him with any enquiries.

Lent Course 2019

Lent reflections focus on Challenging Conversations. We used the Bible to help us explore how to live together well as communities of Christians - even though we might not all agree on something. 

Study sessions in each church focus on key Bible passages. We reflect on and practise skills to help us have good conversations. We have the opportunity to hear themed preaching in every church in the circuit. 


Advent Groups 2018

We enjoyed the opportunity to read, listen and understand the Bible on Advent themes


Compass – Exploring Faith Together Autumn 2018

Compass ran in 2017 at Old Ford and Bethnal Green. The response was so positive that we wanted more people to have the opportunity to share this excellent course designed by the Methodist Church. Together we  explore what we think about God and what “being a Methodist” means. 

Compass Course and notes


The summer study course 2018 following Broken was thought-provoking and moving


Notes on the Lent course 2018


We look forward to meeting you

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