Groups and Courses

John Wesley was a great advocate of small group study meetings, where Methodists were encouraged to help and support each other


Ongoing    Zoom morning prayer runs twice a week in the Circuit

 ADVENT SERIES 2023 -  4 weeks starting 27th November


THEME:  “Preparing for the extraordinary: Letting stuff go”
Readings: Isaiah 64 v 1-9 and Mark 13 v 24-37

• Monday November 27th (Zoom) @ 7pm led by the Revd Jenny Impey

• Thursday November 30th (in person) @ 6.30 pm led by John Singleton
Meeting is in the Thomas Room, Poplar via the main entrance to QVSR.
Neither the Zoom nor in-person sessions will usually last longer than an hour


  Sessions of Foundation Safeguarding can be arranged at any time through the Circuit Office.
  EDI training held in September 2023 at Poplar.  Await news of future sessions.

  See  District and National Websites for training opportunities.

  See previous courses held in the Circuit


We look forward to meeting you
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